Where you at right now?

I think I’m the only one who clicked on 100%…

My excellent disposition makes me wonder sometimes if I should still be posting on this forum.

I’ll take it day by day…


Some days are great… some days are garbage… many days are about 60%…



Fluctuates between 40 - 80 on a given day. The negative symptoms is what puts me in the 40 zone

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i said about 80% maybe its around that area anyway may dips a little sometimes but goes back up to 80% again x

daydreamer Too many percent categories. People can’t be that precise about something like this.

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I clicked 80 percent - it’s not psychosis that gets to me, it’s the anxiety and agoraphobia that affects me.

Well yeah, paranoia and OCD too

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I said 90 % life is amazing but there’s room for it to be better.