Where you at right now?

where do you feel you are at right now in life?

  • 100%
  • 90% +
  • 80% +
  • 70% +
  • 60% +
  • 50% +
  • under 50%
  • other
  • i don’t know

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My self esteem and happiness are at all time high I must say


About 1%. I have extreme apathy and paranormal thoughts. I have thoughts of being homeless and learning quantum mechanics and string theory. I feel like being silly but need to watch what I say. I feel like I’m literally going insane, albeit slowly.

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they say that when you are at the bottom then the only way is up :wink:

idk if this helps but i hope it does

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Here you go:


Flying around the light bulb…


I say 60%. I have apathy and anhedonia. But I struggle against apathy every day. Get my butt to work and the store. I did vaccume today. That is pretty much all I’ve done. Now I lie in bed. Shower is monday’s problem. Have not showered for 4 days. I get by with anhedonia, I can work and be “happy” with the kids. I’m great at pretending to be happy. Apathy is the worst.

I have that book just don’t have the motivation to read it. Have you read it?

Yeah… pretty comprehensive… goes through a lot of quantum and gets into string theory

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Wanna get this book:

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Mailman is filling the mailboxes right now…

I’m expecting three packages potentially coming today.

2 are book lots

and 1 mystery package :ghost: :scream:

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Are you a moth?


A mosquito. :joy:

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i love moths :slight_smile:

I’m so far out in space somewhere that I don’t even know which way home is.


I think I am at about half what I am capable of accomplishing, maybe less, maybe more.

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I love this one, too. Very very readable, more so than Brian Greene, who I also love.

Did you watch the Elegant Universe tv special?

You can learn string theory without being homeless, I recommend it.


I might have. One of my top favorites was the one with Morgan Freeman. Have you seen it?

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I haven’t! I’ll look it up, though, thanks!

i hope you are feeling better astefano. :heart:
bunny :rabbit: hug
i feel the same this morning…i am somewhere between a rock and psychosis…YEAH !?!
take care :alien:

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