Where would you like to travel

I’d love to go to New Zealand

I’m a foodie so I would love to travel Europe and try all the foods of their cultures.

I’d really like to go back to Japan. Was a great experience visiting Tokyo and Nikko

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I think Europe would be a fun country to visit.

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Europe’s a continent, friend lol

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I’m just back from a trip to The Netherlands (The Hague). Travelling is tiring but you bring back home some memories. I like seeing things with Traveler’s eyes (when you see something new). I would like to travel to New Zealand. But I’m not yet mentally healthy enough to survive the stress of such a long flight. Hopefully one day.

İ would like to visit thailand and vietnam.very euthantic places.maybe travel with bicycles cool.

France, Italy & Spain

I would love to go to Italy Rome
I would like to go to New York one day I went a long time ago and loved it
I would like to go in a singles coach trip to Spain

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