Where would you like to see yourself in a year? 5 years?

whats your diagnosis? i couldnt handle all of that,

I don’t want a diagnosis. I’ve been psychotic for over a year. Visuals, tactiles, voices constantly. Delusions, paranoia. I’m doing well, considering.


I was diagnosed mixed personality disorder,

if i can write a decent song (just for me) and put a decent tune to it, i’d be happy, right now i am just terrible, i am just really bad at everything :frowning:


Sounds like if you dropped the expectation of being good, you might enjoy it more.

Maybe find a way to enjoy how terrible you are at it, if you truly feel that way.

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My main goal for the next few years is dropping weight. I would like to have a healthy bmi and hopefully get my A1C down. I will probably also have a go at trying to taper off my Ap’s sometime in the next few years. I have no idea whether or not I will be successful but I am probably going to try it at some point.


I just want a roof over my head and money in my bank account. Oh yeah and to lose a ton of weight also.


@bowens: weight loss is doable. practice mindful eating and at least 20 minutes walking a day. really needs to become part of one’s routine, then you’ll see the weight come off pretty quickly.

Be careful tapering off Aps! I had been on 20mg of Olanzapine for about 15 years. I started to feel better so asked my psydoc to reduce to 15mg, he obliged. About 6 months later, I requested 10mg, he obliged, and soon after I relapsed and was hospitalized. I’m back on 15mg and thinking that’s the minimal amount without getting into trouble.

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I saved some money today thanks to a forum member so i’m really happy about that

I would like to lose weight and have another baby n move house x


I’d like to raise my gpa in school, do maintainance on my house, and get a new car in a year from today. In five years I want to complete my criminal justice degree and help end inhumanities of crime mainly human trafficking, and law breaking in the offices and officers of law when they break the law.


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i just take life one day at a time and try to make the best of each day…


At the pace I’m investing I am going to be secure financially

Saving the world!

Or at least getting somewhere with the Cheerleader.

In a year? Probably working at the same job. In 5 years? Maybe at the same job, but fully licensed in the trade. My parents will have sold this house by then and I will be moved out, maybe renting an apartment, maybe buying condo. Although anything can happen, could be homeless, could be dead, could have health problems, the meds could stop working who knows.

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You can’t truly be free if you take any addictions with you. The drug industry is the most capitalistic entity there is.

If you are dependent on taking drugs then you will never be free, either in a home or homeless.

Good luck with it though. To be without ties and commitment is a worthy position to aspire to, but be careful with the drugs.

Drinking cocktails on a sunny beach!

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No one is ever free. The more I contemplate free will, the less I’m convinced it exists.

I have no current addictions to take with me. I’m sure I’ll get them when I’m there, which I’m fine with. It’s my choice, regardless of anyone else’s philosophy.

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@fractaled: I’d take the same conviction about changing your situation as with drug use. Labratmat makes a good point to be careful with drugs. I second that, I’m an addict who just happens to have a roof overhead. If I were on the streets, I’d last one, maybe two months before I’m in a locked facility, be it jail or the psych ward.