Where would you be without family and other support?

I’d probably be in a group home or sheltered/supported housing.


I’d probably be in a group home

I’d be homeless again. Don’t want that, so I’ll put up with pretty much anything.

Homeless or in a group home, I can’t function enough to be alone

I’d be in jail or homeless.

Probably pushing up daisies.


Well, I live alone on disability, section 8, and food stamps. If I didn’t have all that I guess I’d be homeless or maybe would have done myself in.

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I think I would be working and hating life. something low skill, like 30k/year. i’d definitely be renting a place and not owning. would not be eating healthy or working out either. would just be living off fast food, since I would be so tired from work.

Very alone by myself.:roll_eyes:

I give a lot of credit to my husband, mom, and sister. Along with my pdoc, they are a very strong support system. They were there for me through my most disabling days.

My husband has bipolar 2, so we have mental illness in common. That makes us very understanding of one another and allows us to know when the other one needs extra support.

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Yeah id be homeless.

I’d be homeless too. Possibly abroad. I was diagnosed when I came back to my country. Thanks to my family and friends. Living abroad I was smoking weed every day and sleeping with strangers.

I’d be on the streets, in jail or dead.

Without all my VA support, I’d probably be in a group home, or sheltered/supported housing, or most likely, dead.

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I live on disability in section 8 housing. My disability check is too high to qualify for food stamps. Since Mother went into the nursing home and died, I don’t have any family to support me. I have a sister but her husband won’t support me.

Probably a nursing home.

Either renting a room alone and barely breaking even or homeless.

With no other support probably homeless I’m sorry to say… Rents too damn expensive to live on my own…

Maybe living in a assisted living home or renting although I don’t think I could afford to rent unless the government helped me or I might be homeless.
I can’t afford a cheap caravan even with family so Probably not that.

Or maybe I would have a partner and live with them.

I lived with my x boyfriend well.
I did not pay rent as he owns his place but I paid half the bills and half the renovations.
I was happy and content living with him.he is a great man.
The main reasons we broke up /I moved out are my sacred neigh and me wanting to go vegan.

I would rather live in my car and have my sacred neigh who is everything to me.

Most of my money goes to my sacred neigh.

I would not have a car but I have a car now because the step mum I had who I am living with now and who is the other woman that raised me gave me one and let me live with her after I moved out from my x boyfriends place.

I am living in her house with her.
I get my own room.
She works from 7am to 9 pm and I don’t work at all but I cook for her on week ends.
She works weekends too but not as much.

My family is very dear to me…my mom helps us a bunch…I feel lucky.