Where will he live

My boyfriend took a loan to buy his home and is in debt to pay off and now he seems to have money trouble because a guy is taking him to court which will be expensive and also he might not be making that much at work.

He wanted to rent his place out and live rent free at my place without telling my landlady but she could throw me out then and I become homeless.its putting me at risk.

I told my landlady who is one of my closest loved ones and she said he is not aloud to live at her place but may visit only.

Now he is talking about selling his place or renting it but he doesn’t know where he will live and refuses to talk about it with me.

We spend most of our time at his place so when it’s gone where will we go.

He has spoken of living in a garage or in a storage space rental.
That’s like a homeless person.

He might have to move to a cheaper neighbourhood otherwise.

He also said if he gets herpes he will break up with me because then he will have to explain to all other woman he has sex with he has it.
I told him from the start I have it.
Not my fault if he were to get it and why he is planning on having sex with other woman when he said he wants to marry me?

My land lady said from the start I’m to live therealone.

I could never afford to live there but she gives me cheaper rent etc

I’m scared my boyfriend and I will break up because of this.

He is the best sex I ever had.its extatic for me and I love him and he makes me laugh.
He is really funny and kind and thoughtful so I take his bad with his good but he has a hell temper,accuses me of cheating and now refuses to talk to me about his living situation and that he may be homeless soon.

He wanted to use me and live rent free and I would have let him but it’s not my apartment so it’s not my choice.

I lived rent free at my x but he had no mortgage as he had paid it of so we just shared bills.i miss him n the dogs.
I left because we didn’t really have sex,he wouldn’t let me go vegan and my horse needed a better paddock.
He was the best boyfriend I had and it was the most loving peaceful home I ever had but now I want a good relationship with my new boyfriend.

I want to marry my boyfriend.

But this is a problem.
Another problem.

He will either stay in the neighbourhood and live in a garage or storage space or he will move to a cheaper neighbourhood hours away from me.

This could break us up.

I don’t want to lose him.

Trying not to worry.

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I hope things work out. :sunny:


That storage shed thing sounds like the best compromise. But where will he bathe?

Probably sponge baths, I guess.

Like stand in a big plastic box so the water doesn’t splash on the ground.

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My place or maybe he could afford to join a gym and shower there.

That sounds good too.

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Yes. That sounds very odd. I’m not sure I like this guy ! :neutral_face:


Is he telling you he wants to live in a garage so you feel sorry for him and he has no plans to… i dk for sure and by the things you say it sounds like you don’t trust him . I dont know what to tell you other than this don’t sound right to me

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He’s using you. He’s trying to manipulate you into letting him stay at your apartment. He needs to find his own. You can’t afford to lose your apartment. Don’t let him ruin it for you. If he’s worried and vocalizing concern over being with other girls while having herpes, that means that he has every intention of cheating on you. You really can’t get out of this relationship with him fast enough. Red flags are going up everywhere


I feel kind of weird judging your boyfriend since I don’t know him and you like him so much. But if you are looking for feedback I would offer my opinion and say from all you’ve wrote about him in previous posts, this does not sound like a good relationship.

You asked.

After all the bad things you write about him and stuff he’s said and done it just does not sound like healthy relationship. I don’t see how you can forgive him for some of the stuff he’s said and done. And to knowingly marry him after all that and live in the same house and share a bed for the next 5, 10, 20 years seems impossible. Just my opinion.


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