Where were you on 9-11-2001, 15 years ago

I was in science class, and my teacher turned on the news because he had to see for himself. I didn’t really get it. I was like, “Hm, that sucks, I wonder what’s for lunch?” At that point, nobody really knew what had happened. At the end of school, the principal announced that it was a terrorist attack. When we got home, I remember even Cartoon Network was just showing the same news footage over and over again.

The next day at school, everyone started treating me differently. Even my friends would glance over at me nervously at random times. My presence made everyone uncomfortable and afraid. I was asked to leave my church group because they said I was upsetting some of the other children. My grandfather was supposed to be featured on the cover of a business magazine, talking about how the son of immigrants started a successful company. They pulled the story, telling him that, in light of recent events, they thought it would be insensitive to their readers.


I woke up to it in the morning, stayed home from work all day and glued to the TV. Could not believe it was happening.

I was in Kindergarten, my parents were watching the news and they turned it on at school. I felt like something serious was going on in New York.

I was watching CNN at my sister’s house where I was living at the time. and saw the first plane hit and the confusion about why it had happened and then the second plane hit the other tower and everyone knew it was terrorism. Such a loss. changed the world forever. fifteen years…man…it seems like yesterday.

I was asleep. My sister woke me up and we sat on the couch watching it. We saw the second plane hit, but it seemed like for hours we couldn’t figure out what was going on.

How ironic. Honest the god, i was writing a play in which one the character was schizophrenic. Didn’t know that much about Sz - read a couple of books - still remember one quote from them, something like « a psychosis is like an iceberg, the one who suffers from it shows (as the tip of an iceberg) all the hidden troubles of his/her family,» and this one too, i’m guessing its a classic « It’s really hard to have paranoid individual to consult: why the hell he/she would bother letting another one in the conspiracy? » Of course, even paranoid individual have enemies - good for them. That being said, on sept 11 morning, I remember distinctly getting out of the bathroom and feeling bad because a group of actors were practicing one of my play (that was taking the stage the first week of December) and I thought to myself that I should instead do any kind of work that could relate to that particular production instead on working on this other text. And so I got back behind the computer and was writing / correcting stuff when someone told me I should take a break and have a look at was going in on NYC (I think the word « war » was used to describe what was happening) by the person who contacted me. The Sz-character of this play was named Lawrence and he had the strange habit of locking one of his hand under a rocking chair and using his other hand to rock it on the locked wrist. The guys was somehow disturb I guess. I don’t know exactly what happens of this play, but I remember the working title to have been « Fudged psycho. » Yep, that was a hell of a morning. Best to all

After the 9-11 event I got voices on the voice of my former US spouse, typically I do not follow voices, but at that time I did and it changed my world and eventually I transferred myself to Northern Europe. I suppose sometimes voices can be beneficial in some sense.