Where was I 20 years ago

Playa Negra Costa Rica


Wow that’s stunning

What a nice place!

20 years ago i had a trip to germany with my school.

20 years ago I was in Grade 8 in my first year of high school, writing mid year exams lol! :smile:

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20 year ago i was high fuctioning normal man…

I was chasing girls, literally. They always run from me

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U were kid 20 yrs ago … somebody…!!!

I was 8 years old 20 years ago and yeah a kid

I know. I’ve been in love with girls since kindergarten

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Are u playboy since kid… how many girlfriend do u have…??

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Twenty years ago I was just leaving the disco band. My last gig with them was called Love-a-palooza. It wasn’t the end of the world. I found other bands.

Right now 12 and 5 in stand by


Haha u are young @anon73425833 but 10 times smarter then me .
I am just retard…!!!

Wrong, we all have good qualities!!!

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Yes u are right…but sz sucks our life…

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Hell, in the psychiatrics hospital.

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First time I was ever homeless, 20 years ago.

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