Where to look?

Do I look at hot girls and muscly men and young boys young girls kids babies old people boyfriends and girlfriends or the floor or away from em? I used to be that paranoid I wouldn’t look at anyone and started head twitching so I look but I think I look too much what am I supposed to do if I’m shopping in a gym or at the town? I got called a nonse cus I looked at a group of young boys; a few adults gave me dirty looks; some people talk about me when I walk past, I really don’t know

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I feel the exact same way, sometimes. so I usually only go outside when I need to.

This may sound weird but, up until recent months sometimes I would see a guy and think “Now there’s a good looking guy!” Not that I’m bisexual. But, even women notice other attractive women sometimes, not that they’re bisexual or lesbian.

I try not to look at some people, don’t want them to think I’m staring at them. Young ladies often roll their eyes or give you a dirty look back. Not sure why they are right in front of you and hard not to see them. The odd person will smile or say Hi, makes a person feel better and it’s not so hard to do.