Where to go from here

Apparently the Mental Health team think ’ it has got to come from me’

This insinuates that I have not put any effort into my lot since this all began, which I find highly offensive

Maybe I need to de-code this as they don’t know what to do with me?

Had to come home from work early yesterday and today I have bailed on work completely.

I woke with zero energy or motivation, it’s hot, I have really bad hay fever as pollen is through the roof

Not only am I not earning today, but I am having to pay the person who works for me

This is a real mess. I cannot get over this in a day, but somehow I am going to have to find the strength to carry on

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I tried one last time to get some help from Mental Health services, but no luck

Stuck with myself.

Please accept you’ll be hearing more from me as this website is my last avenue of support

Sorry in advance

Ive seen your posts @Joker youre a strong guy. Dealing with a stressful job like you have and trying to get the mental health team to get off their ass and help would be too much for most “normal” people. Esp when dealing with what you went through when younger

No need to worry about posting here man, youve got a lot to unload. Just know that your suffering will become a great strength one day, I know you have it in you to keep going and Im sure youll find good help one day. In the meantime try not to give up hope. Easier said than done yeah but if this is Hell then kick the devils ass and take the throne man


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