Where to find airsoft groups?

I miss airsoft. I liked shooting my friends and I have a really pimpin airsoft gun. The other two are broken.

I might buy a new gun and full gear, ■■■■■■■ boots and a vest, tons of ammo, ect. I have more money than when I was 16.

And it would help me with cutting weight, I have gotten too bulky and need to get ripped down. Im like too muscle bound to run super fast for a long time.

Where do I find these people? Other than meetup.com, it didnt have any results.

Sounds like fun does it hurt to get shot?

Actually, a good place to start is a GOOD firearms instructor that also does retail in airsoft (pretty common practice) if you are in GA, I know some phenomenal places.

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Just be careful, my cousin was shot in the eye by and airsoft pellet and was in severe pain for a week.

Hmmm I mean I’m trained in firearms and used to go to range masters. I don’t remember there being any airsoft guns at range masters.

I’m not even sure if I am allowed to handle a real gun anymore.

But anyways that’s a good suggestion, maybe they will have a lead to airsoft.

Yes it hurts to get shot by pretty much anything other than a children’s toy gun.