Where should I go?


About me,

I have suffered a mdma experience that made me feel emotionally connected to everybody that was closest to me.

Unfortunately, a part of me still retains this emotional connection, even though said people have abused me.

There is a background noise/energy that can analyze the emotions of other people (based on what I say or do), constantly disrupts my thoughts, and gets me in a mess with my family.

It is like an underlying personality that is watching/paying attention to everybody else, because, deep down, I feel subservient to them or just a complete lack of self esteem.

Are there any drugs to drown out this noise?

It is affecting how I move, how I talk… my entire being.

Thank you.


Have you talked to your doctor? A psychiatrist might prescribe you an anti-psychotic to help. It helped me drown out the noise for sure.


I agree with BigJon. Talkto a doctor or better yet a psychiatrist. There may be meds to help. It may be a trial and error type situation though


I have not seen a psych yet.

I have been on the gamut of SSRIs - no dice.

Which anti-psychotics are not too crazy/heavy? I have kept away from anti-p’s specifically, considering I know they’re pretty heavy stuff.

Or, are there any fast acting natural remedies or supplements?

Just looking for some short-medium term help: I know I will get better in time, but this energy currently makes my brain really disorganized.

Thanks guys.


I guess I should focus more on the anti-psychotics at this point for the short term - work the more natural stuff later.

Any advice on something to calm the noise - that won’t hit me like a brick and leave me scarred, lol.

Something fast-acting (ish) but not super strong.


You don’t take antipsychotics unless you need them. Can lead to extrapyramdal symtpoms and gawd knows what the long term affects are for those who don’t need them.

Seriously. It’s uncommon to self diagnose. It’s just a rarity which makes me think your not schizophrenic and you don’t what what I’ve got! Most of us hit the mental health system hard…

I agree if your worried see a psydoc! I’m just dubious that your even close!


Background noise/energy 24/7, Intrusive thoughts, complete personality overhaul, no trust, constant indecision (circles of logic) etc.

It’s taken me years, months to finally admit I need something - so yes, I’d say I do have something that needs to be calmed down, and anti-p’s were/are my last resort.



Looking for an anti psychotic that’s not too strong, etc.



See a shrink. That is the way to go!



Been on 5 mg / day of Zyprexa for 4-5 days.

Needless to say, skipped one 2.5 mg dose (with possible intent to stop altogether), and woke up with my first full-on AUDITORY HALLUCINATION ever.

I am not a stranger to repetitive, intrusive thoughts — but for it to be straight out of a horror movie, demonic voice yelling “DICK CHENEY”… well that’s kind of ■■■■■■■ crazy hahaha.

Conclusion: ■■■■ these meds.