Where should i go? (opiate withdrawal)

When I quit drinking, I began to take opiates to get rid off the sadness and emptiness.

Without I even noticed, I had taken them two weeks in a row. Then I stopped, and had mild withdrawal symptoms, chills, stomach cramps, fatigue, weak limbs.

Tonight I woke up 1 o clock, and felt better. I think I’m over the worst.

The french author and addict, Jean Cocteau, was in a rehab clinic in 1920 and was cured for his addiction to opium. When he left, he wrote:

“Now that I’m cured, I feel empty, poor, heartbroken and ill. I float. The day after tomorrow, I leave the clinic. Where should I go”

I have to ask myself: Where should I go?


Stay home,play some music,buy a guitar,get a puppy,do your lawn,also laundry,stop hanging on thoughts that drugs are your choice of life.
Drugs are self pitty when you look from far distance.
I think sometimes,now and then,what it would be like to do some,but since I got older,I dont care for it…
Im sure I wont let the stupid things run my life.
Yes,epiphany terror reduced me to shame…

Don’t go down that dark road.
Drugs are a dead end.

Find a meaningful purpose.

You are better off without drugs.


Thanks, @Wave @zoa
The experts advice people with multiple addictions, not to get rid of of them all at once, but take on after another.

I have quit drinking. My Pdoc stopped my benzo prescription and im fine with that. Next is opiates.

Usually I don’t take them in an amount that causes addiction, but this time I was trapped by the drug, so now I have to quit that too, and im fine with that too, but also a little anxious.

This time the withdrawal is just annoying, im not sick, like when I was given pain medication (ultram/tramadol) by my doctor for severe bladder pain.

I end up as a monk in monastery.


Even better then have high opinion of your self like all junkies have before they end up in public toilet with golden bullet.World is not around you…

Good job coming off the opiates. That’s hard to do. How long have you been off alcohol?

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I was drinking alcoholically for the better parts of 2011 to 2015 especially those years. I tried quitting many times. I’m also one to dabble with illicit (for me) drugs. So I tried kratom and Vicodin. I did like an opioid like Vicodin and the feeling of kratom too. Then in December 2015 my doc mentioned naltrexone I said I’d try it. It relieved me of cravings to alcohol and opioids for the most part from then forward. It also helps with some of my other mental health issues. I took shrooms in 2014 mixed with abilify and caffeine and alcohol and it messed me up real bad. But the naltrexone helped to heal me a bit from this bad experience. As well as other meds but I don’t know where I’d be without this med. it’s a bit triggering to me there’s a drug that feels as good as anything that doesn’t cause mania at this point I like being down more then up. It used to be vice versa. But I have to stay on my naltrexone or else i would become very uncomfortable mentally and also slip back into addiction. The point is That you can’t take opium derivatives on naltrexone a med I rely on.

I’ve seen many a struggle down the path to chasing an opiate/opioid high. If you’re over the withdrawal you don’t need detox. You can try NA/AA meetings. I enjoyed going when I was first trying to get sober.

I had a new drug of choice for the past 3 1/2 years but now I reached my wall and I’ve been clean from anything unprescribed to me for about a month now I’m doing good the way I am


Thanks, i had a short relapse over a month ago and since then i haven’t been drinking. I enjoy not to think about alcohol.

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I did that too, when i was young and it completely messed me up, had flashbacks for several years.

Glad you seem to be recovering. No, i don’t need a detox, i was just mindless and forgot how easily you get addicted to opiates.

In the future i hope i will be able to enjoy a glass of wine and drink moderate, but not now, and maybe not forever.

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I have been free of opiates for three years now. In rehab they made us take Vivitrol to go into sober living. Vivitrol/Naltrexon is something that prevents you from craving opiates once you are clean. If you really are serious about not relapsing, I would suggest asking your psychiatrist or doctor about Vivitrol. I only took it short term, but the medication really does work!! It has no opiates in it, it blocks the cravings. Simply put. It also works for alcohol addiction.