Where should I bring my gf to?

We both love each other and have met many times for the past three weeks.We went to many cafe and pubs,spend quite a bit of money,but I have not had any idea where we can go and maybe talk about when we meet,any idea?i felt we do have things to talk about,she still doesn’t know my mental health issue though,I am also not telling her anytime soon.I will disclose only after our relationship is solid

Should we go learn something together,join talk,classes or climb mountains?


depends on how is the weather?

You can go to the movies.

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Take her to the disco :man_dancing::dancer:

Check out meetup.com for ideas. Maybe a comedy club.

How about going to a museum?

If the weather is nice, take her on a picnic or hike in the woods.

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To the pet store


In my area during the week there are free classical concerts at the community college. That’s an idea. Or hiking would be peaceful and pleasant.


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