Where she poked me, should not have made a fist


I pinch my toes when the needle goes in. Totally distracts you from the nip


I think the vein will recover quickly, hope so.

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Totally. They heal real quick. Might get a bruise but that’s perfectly normal

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It’s just blood under the skin that leaked out after the needle was withdrawn. Depends of angle, gauge of needle, skill of phlebotomist, etc. Nothing to worry about. Your body will absorb it in a few days.

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That’s just some blood that leaked out of the vein after the needle was withdrawn. It should reabsorb back into your vasculature in a few days. No harm done.

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I have had over 100 needle pokes after my physical disability started.
And I also have a disease which I get wounds very easily…
Was it really painful? @Daze I sincerely hope you are okay. I care about you.
Did she put any bandages? Because to prevent me from getting wounded from simple IV they usually put thick bandages.

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I get bloodwork at minimum 2x a month. I often get some bruising and a bit of bleeding. The bleeding doesn’t last for more than half hour and the bruising a few days. I am so used to it I’m not surprised. Nothing to worry about.

Apparently pressing down firmly with gauze for a bit afterwards can prevent bruising, hope she did this !

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