Where’s my fcuking warhammer

Games workshop closed. Games workshop website not taking orders for weeks.

Finally got to place and order and been waiting two weeks for it.

■■■■ the Coronavirus. I want my gene stealers.


This covid stuff sucks, waiting for a package that was meant to arrive about 2 months ago, I probably could have walked to the distributor and back by now :weary:

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I would guess that as businesses start opening back up and also streamlining internet orders and shipping, delivery times should start improving.

For a while Amazon was only shipping essential goods immediately and nonessential goods were shipping 1+ months out from time that the order was placed. This made sense cause people were needing to get their essential goods such as TP, etc.

Now Amazon shipping is back to almost normal, maybe 2 to 4 days.

IKEA is taking about a month to ship goods from their distribution center. All of their stores have been closed in the U.S. since March. They are starting to roll out “click and collect” where you order online and then do curbside pickup at your local store. The two IKEA stores in the SF Bay Area aren’t doing that yet though.


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