Where 'll you go next summer?

for me
may be Alexandria on Mediterranean sea
but generally i love red sea it is calmer and prettier
where 'll you go next summer ?

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I’ll be in my little town in Eastern Finland. No plans to travel at this time.

the moon, i need to get away from this godforsaken island called planet earth :confused:

or maybe i’ll go down to the bottom of the deep blue sea and play with the whales and ■■■■ :slight_smile: they probably have a better time down there anyway


I will be camping lots in good ol’ Canada.

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I used to love to go backpacking, but I can’t do that now because the antipsychotic medications mess with my body temperature regulation mechanisms so much. There is an officially designated wilderness area not too far from where I live. There is a lot more area that is very scantily populated. I wouldn’t go there, though, because someone is likely to be growing marijuana back there. People are very protective of their marijuana crops.

My family is heading to Oxford. Should be nice

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