Where is your mind?

On guns and farts and wondering which one makes the bigger sound.

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Thinking about the pixies.


how to get out of going to a family gathering with extended family and will only know maybe 5 people and i dont do good around people. how to explain why i dont work.

i just wouldn’t ever go to a family gathering

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I would excuse myself saying I’m sick.

My mind is winding down from the very busy day I had today. Amongst other things we went to a local food pantry and got a ridiculously huge amount of wonderful stuff, I was surprised and happy because my larder was bare and this was a tremendous re-stock of anything you can think of. I even got a pound of ground BISON!!! Too much to mention, but WOW! Anyway the ol’ mind is spinning down, gonna do some light reading, take my meds, and lights out.

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