Where is the Strangest Place You Ever

I’d have to say on a tractor. That was a weird one. lol!

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Er…I meant, where is the strangest place you ever ate a sandwich!!



My first serious girlfriend and I used to do it in the small bathroom of a laundromat. After a while it became like a tradition, the place was open 24 hours and always empty. There wasn’t much space for anything other than doggy though. I miss being in a relationship. :cry:

Up a tree…was weird

Hmmm im not very wild. Bathroom i guess during a party. Once in an office.

May I dare say it…the couch!


Anywhere outside,perhaps .:maple_leaf:

In a park on a picnic table.


Upstairs in my grandmother’s house.
That one felt weird I can tell ya.

Under a footbridge in a park.

I ate a sandwich out on the jetty of the harbor near my dad’s house. The wind blew sand into my mouth and made everything taste salty.

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On the roof of my house. I waved at passing cars, but they could only see my top half, and it was clothed.

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Oversized baggage at an international airport check in. I have done weird shiz when nuts

Was your date ‘oversized baggage’? Or are you talking about your balls.


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No I was eating a sandwich with a customs officer.

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Wait this isnt about eating sandwiches at all?!


Oh, man. This mix-up is too funny. I’m off to bed. Goodnight.

In a blueberry field :wink: on my lunch break obvs


Too embaressing to say hehehe :grin:

I have a very dirty joke applicable to this thread but I won’t tell it.

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