Where is @Schwann?

Just wondering. I thought she was nice and had good taste in music.


You’ll usually find her in the Foodie thread

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I saw her on the post a picture of anything thread.

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What about @Rosenthal ? Are you ok?

I know @Schwann is back at working, so I think she has less time to be on the forum.

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Hey hey. I have been a bit absent due to work and being stressed by it. I don’t seem to have capacity to handle multiple things at once! Thanks for your kind words- I’m happy to be thought of as nice with good music taste!


Thank you for thinking of me, @Joker.

I guess I’m ok. Warm and well fed. How are you?


That’s cool. Glad your ok! It’s always a worry when you see someone not posting for a while…

I am about to go on Clozapine, so waiting till Monday to start it which is being pretty tense.


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