Where is my soul mate?

i must find her xxx



You have to look in the right place. :yum::yum::yum:

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Try Japan! Just kidding… uh… could be anywhere. :slight_smile:

Why not the girl next door?
I don’t think you’re actively seeking.

I feel its Bolivia

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You mean a wife? My soulmate is myself.

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Probably Jamaica. they play a lot of reggae there.


I don’t know. I wonder the same thing but I think nobody knows I can’t even attract them as I am not ready for a soulmate yet. They are just walking about somewhere on the planet. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that they exist though. Because that’s what I like to believe :two_hearts:




sounds good to me haha :butterfly:


im so excited to meet my soulmate one day

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In my youth I had very few social dates with different women. One reason was because my career was more important. So then when I met a woman who showed honest love for me I became overwhelmed. Then at one time she looked at me with a look of total love, with “passion.” I had never experienced this before. But actually she was married and it turned out that she did not intend to date me. This occurred at the start of my schizophrenia. I felt she was my “soul mate,” and my voices told me she would be an ideal partner for me, and to dream of her. I had a code word for her and I was told several times a day “soon you will be with her.” The voices never defined “soon.” So I pursued her by telephone for about 6 months. Then she married someone new, changed her name, and I lost track of her. But for about 30 years the delusion persisted that she was my “soul mate.” Now I see this had nothing to do with reality. You have to have sensible reasons for loving someone. The dream of this woman kept alive my dream of a romantic partner, and served to encourage me when I was very sick. But the idea of a “soul mate” was not valid.

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I have had delusions like that too.:slightly_smiling_face:
Or similar.

I thought the father of my unborn son was my romantic soulmate .

I have a boyfriend now.

I want to feel soulmate intimacy.

I have only experienced such intimacy with the father of my unborn son.
I cried on his face when we made love.

See if my boyfriend and I will come together in sacred union.

Yes a soulmate is someone with the same background…Do wou want to feel more or a you just annoyed with people asking questions about where you are going??

I dont know…I am buying a hot dog…Until the fat bacteria leaves me…

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