Where is @minni i miss her so much. .do u have any contact to her

:its exactly 8:00 pm ,i am going to sleep after an hour …!!!

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If you keep telling people the opposite of what is true and good you will indeed see the stinkfist soon.

MINNI. I miss you too. :o

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Folks - please - this is a religion free zone because it tends to cause a lot of conflict and stress - which is not what we want here. We want it to be a supportive place for all faiths or non-faiths. Please don’t try to push your religious beliefs onto other people or you will get a suspension.

Thanks for helping make this site a safe and supportive place for ALL people.


Good to see you again, SzAdmin.

I check in here pretty much ever day to see how things are going - and post news when I see it (but FIremonkey does such a good job I don’t catch much that he doesn’t).


It’s a collective effort with a lot of people contributing to making the news section one of the best around .
Some days I am very grateful for the contribution of others.


Folks, you’re also de-railing the thread topic which was about missing Minnii. How that topic morphed into a religion discussion is unclear to me. :confused: I just deleted a bunch of off-topic posts from the thread to try and get the discussion back on track.


Are you also deleting pm?

Of course not. BTW, the Mods can’t see PMs because they’re private.

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Oh thanks hghghghghgh


I miss Minnii, also. I spoke with her last week and she is doing well. No need to worry.


I hope @Minnii is alright

you have a video of that musician singing?

I have emailed back and forth with her a few times this year. She is well.



That’s good news, the bubbled power mouse was awesome. She kept the forums optimistic.


I’m glad to hear she’s doing well.


Just popped in to say HEY THERE :smile: I’m well, have had some set backs with PTSD that is now C-PTSD from childhood, so it’s been a rough ride.

Psychosis is gone, moods are alright and I’m well medicated.

Work has been good, lots of guests on Airbnb and good money too.

All is well, thanks for caring, hope everyone is alright!



Glad to see that everything is well with you @Minnii!
You are sorely missed here on this site.

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I mean are u doing any jobs… full time…