Where is all the gold?

I’m just wondering. Where is all the gold

Banks man, in those freekin banks.

over the rainbow. the leprachaun knows the way.

In the dragons cave. I’ve been trying to get in for ages.

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I would love to tour Ft. Knox and just gander at all the boullion.

You not got your bling on man init haha

Saw this conspiracy documentary which said Fort Knox is actually empty and the gold has been used to fund secret projects.

Ps my pdoc says I shouldn’t watch conspiracy programmes but I love that sort of stuff.

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It’s pretty, but you can’t eat it!

Psssst… Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the key-hole.


It was delicious.



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Word on the street is old man Gerald Sanders has it all couped up underneath the Ole apple tree down in St Lucia.

That old man Sanders such a Gerald he is :slight_smile:

It’s in my teeth. My dentist gives me gold fillings.

I like this idea. Up until this point, I’ve been trying to fool him with disguises. Since Party City has crappy dragon costumes, non have worked!

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I got my sz gold delivered about two months after diagnosis.

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A bird told me the aliens are taking it for their atmosphere… Them birds outside talking about nonsense

Gold plundered from europe by the nazis. Americans found their stash spots and claimed it as their own. Aliens using cash for gold stores as fronts to slowly drain us of any actual wealth.

isnt there a myth about gold hidden somewhere in the rhine? @flameoftherhine

First person to notice ever. A viking plunder ship sunk in the rhine and has yet to be found. Would be priceless. The flame of the rhine is what its been dubbed.

I wonder where are all the potatoes…

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I’m using it to get ahead