Where is a good place to live?


You can answer by PM if you want…It’s okay if you want to tell me where not to move. I’m open to the negative.

Nice people, good employment, decent mental care, lower crime and few verbal harassing gang stalkers? Is the cost of living low? Dang HEAVEN!

How is Colorado? New Mexico? Oregon?


Come to Sweden. :wink: but it is expensive to live here. Houses/apartments are very expensive, so is the food.


Sweden was the first thing that came to my mind also.


Or its neighboring country, Finland? @mjseu


Different magazines in the US conduct surveys to rank the most desirable places to live. You might try to check them out. I imagine a lot would depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for good outdoor sports like hunting and fishing you might try a rural state like Oklahoma or Arkansas. My friends and I used to go back packing in the Buffalo River wilderness area in Arkansas. It was great.


The cost of living in Oklahoma and Arkansas is low, too. Northwest Arkansas is growing economically, and a person can live well on a very modest salary. I noticed in a newspaper that this chicken plant in northwest Arkansas was paying $13.20 an hour starting pay with full benefits. That might seem kind of chintzy until you compare the cost of living in Arkansas with the cost of living in, say, Detroit. That $13.20 has a lot of buying power. I would go for that myself if I wasn’t on med’s and could work in a hot factory.


Why nowhere of course.

Nowhere is nice.

Pick your poison, choose your curse, thats all that there is to choose from.

It’s all just one bad place to live.


The people along the upper coast of Oregon are pretty decent, not much game playing, pretty practical, brutally honest, but tolerable to those who like their independance.


I have been to Colorado as a teen - really a beautiful state.
I hear that the Denver area is a nice progressive/modern place to live


Off World…

Since you probably don’t have the means to get there unless you have access to an interstellar spaceship, teleportation device, or stargate, you might have to settle for earth.

Oregon is pretty good on the east side of the cascades as far as cheap land and low cost of living…much prettier on west side, but more expensive.

As mentioned Oklahoma, Arkansas, and with that Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia are all pretty low cost of living…the more rural the better, but as far as jobs there would be less…there are still opportunities though.

I can think of some more really nice places but with higher cost of living like western Canada, Alaska, Washington state. Maine is actually a pretty good state in the north east.

Parts of Siberia, but you would need some connections and unfortunately due to present political nonsense it wouldn’t be a good idea…


the uk is a good place to live. it’s pretty secular though religion is still taught in schools alongside evolution. there is no pressure to conform religiously to any faith. the cost of living is high, especially in the south where i’m from. but all medical treatment is free, except the cost of a dr writing a script for drugs. that cost 7 pounds something but if you’re on a lot of medication you can pay a flat fee of 140 pounds per year, if you are working. if you are claiming disability benefits both medical and dental are free, including the script costs. obviously you can’t go and get cosmetic dentistry but the basics are covered by the tax payer. taxes are high in the uk but that goes to pay for the free healthcare. a world health organisation study said that british health care was the best in the world. there are some drugs that the national health service rejects as they are lots of money for not good enough results but on the whole? it’s good. i know i can call a dr day or night and it’s free for my whole family as is whatever treatment we may need. this is why so many eastern europeans and muslims flock here, the benefits and healthcare and housing.