Where I'm at

The psych hospital can make or break you.

No electronics, or shoe laces

There are no familiar faces

Other patients have the same symptoms as one another

The nurse said it was reality, and it was hard to trust her

With a “you better stop talking like that or you wont be discharged”

I didn’t want my future to be scarred.

She asked again “if I told you, you were in a dream what would you say”

I reply with “reality and the truth outweighs.”

The safe place, and locked unit where everyone had to work on their mental health,

Where the topic was not about wealth?

But sanity and getting better?

What you would do outside of here?

To make a difference in life

Dealing with the stressors that brought you in

Saying don’t let schizophrenia win!


you’ll get there, just ride it out, and don’t reveal.

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:clap: very good !

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