Where have you been?

Have you done any traveling? Where have you gone?

Though having lived my entire life on the northeast coast of the US I’ve gotten out and about a little bit here and there. I’ve been to:

All US states on the east coast
Prince Edward Island in Canada
US Virgin Islands
Montreal x2
St. Louis Missouri

Geez I really could get out more…what about you guys?

Egypt twice
australia (jumped 60,000 feet out of an aeroplane)
ive been spoiled for holidays really i used some money i got when my grandad died.
i was pretty fearless when i was young a rebel without a clue LOL

Ooh I’d love to go to morocco. Played in a short lived band with a kid who’d been there and stayed with a family who lived in a cave.

Aside from a trip to Texas about ten years ago, I don’t think I’ve traveled more than 70 miles in any direction since I was 17. When I was a kid I lived in North Carolina and traveled around a bit in the southern US. I visited Canada when I was 17, Niagara Falls.

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I play a lot, and I mean a lot, of Civilization 5. My favorite civilization in that game is Morocco. I’d like to visit it…and rule it!

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i loved morocco its a different pace of life out there they never rush or hurry to do anything unlike in the west you go into a shop and they make you mint tea and sit you down before you browse. a man came up to me and put a snake around my neck ( i was not amused) ive a photo of it you should see my face.


Civ V rules…I’ve played a few games as Morocco they get that extra trade caravan don’t they? And that nice cavalry unit?

They get extra gold and culture from trade routes and other civs get extra gold for sending trade routes to them. They also get the Berber Cavalry, a bad ass unit that gets bonuses for being in friendly territory and the desert. The Kasbah, their special terrain improvement adds a ton of stuff to a desert hex.

Petra + Desert Folklore Pantheon + Kasbah + Trade Routes = Uber

They are rough to get started but can become a powerhouse.

Every state in the US except Hawaii…3 Canadian provinces, Mexico, Germany with a stopover in London…
Done a lot of cross country driving up until about 6 years ago…long 2000 - 3000 miles drives a couple times, off the beaten path to see sights many people dont bother to see because they dont leave the interstates…

If we can include astral projection I have been to many other places of the world, and other planets… I count at least some of that as real because i saw things in some of those places that was confirmed by the news or documentaries later on…

Very limited traveler.

Up into Canada

Down our coast into Oregon and California and Mexico.

I was born in China and have been to three countries:
Austria (Vienna , Graz)
Italy (Rome, Florence) ,
Australia (Sydney,Canberra, Newcastle)
Hong Kong,

But I haven’t traveled much within the territory of the mainland China.

-Almost entire Malaysia except far east state in Borneo island.

Also a very limited traveler.

:airplane: :airplane: :airplane:

@mjseu, it terrifies me, your gigantic list of itinerary.

I’ve lived most of my life in Oklahoma, born and raised here. As a young boy I went to Idaho and things like Arkansas or Missouri? for Dogpatch USA. I have been to florida as a young man and as an adult…I joke that Florida is bad luck for me, a lot of bad stuff like being held at gunpoint and being ran over by a car there makes me think that…haha…I’ve also lived in Florida and Arizona, just got back last year from Arizona because it was where I was married. Been camping in Colorado, loved it.

My good friend jcal lived in Florida for a while and got held up at gunpoint and pistol whipped. He always said of Florida “It’s a more abrasive reality down there…full of Satanists”

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Well it looks like I traveled the least. I live in California. I’ve been to W. Virginia, Washington D.C., New York, a Great Lake, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Up into Canada once. Reno,Nevada, N. Carolina, S. Carolina. And Sacramento a million times!!!

I haven’t left my native South Africa once yet, the furthest I travelled is from my home Cape Town to Pretoria when I was 10 to visit my sister when she still lived up there. I went other places in SA like Durban, Johannesburg, Grahamstown, Hopetown and Senekal.

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You’re probably by far the most traveled here !