Where Have You Been All My Life

This is the next project @Zwolfgang and I are going to tackle after he gets settled in Sweden.

I wrote this in my early 20’s…

Where Have You Been All My Life

I was lost, on my own
A dead end sign swayed in my road
I’d turn and toss, until the light
Just tryin to find that someone to hold

I’ve had my share, of cold and lonely nights
Guess I never wanted what I never needed
I knew you cared, cause when I held you tight well
You gave me something that I could believe in
You made me…say it…

Where have you been all my…
Where have you been all my life

You give me hope, a reason to stand
No need to question I know who I am
You’re making me true, driving me mad
You’re showin me the best days that I’ve ever had

Call it fate, a lucky roll of the dice
A guardian angel, a wish from a genie
You’re in a place, where every word defies
You’re in every thought girl, you’re in every feelin
Well baby…baby…

Where have you been all my…
Where have you been all my life

Well some look forever, for some maybe never (no)
They live for the moment day by day
But I’ll always treasure, our times together
Cause you made me see it, you made me say it

Where have you been all my…
Where have you been all my life




It really is an ambitious track, but I think Big Z can pull it off…he’s so talented. :sunny:

I had Bryan Adams in my head to sing this song at the time.

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My only concern with this song is that it is too long. People don’t have the same attention span as they did 30 years ago.

The tune is tantric…it builds and builds.

“Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” type of thing.

You have to be patient and wait for the parts. We’ll see…

I suppose this tune is about finally finding true love, but I feel it also plays on another level…

It invokes the longing to connect with a Higher Power.

Can someone give some feedback on this song? I would appreciate any thoughts as I am still quite insecure in my songwriting abilities.

I really like it! Honestly nothing I could critique its really good lyricism. Are we going to do an orchestral version like last time? Because I have an idea.

I could play guitar in addition to you and then take the solo if thats okay. I love solos lol. Let me know what you think, also the big move is today, I should be settled over the next few days, but Ill be without internet till the weekend is over at least so well see what happens.

Once again great stuff and well link up soon!

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