Where have people gone

It is a little quiet here today, I have noticed that some people who were posting quite a lot in the past have gone away somewhere.

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Im here :smile:

It begs the question:
Where have all the flowers gone?


I left for a little while, but I came back. But you’re right. I noticed that too.

I do not use any other social media, but there may be people who are using some other social media.

It’s a nice sunny day. I was out driving through Burger King and getting a large coke and putting up with everybody else (well, maybe not everybody was causing trouble.) while I tried to have a peaceful drive. I ended up at the Pet Supply Store and on the spur of the moment I went in and bought some cat litter.

Hi, I 'm here too! I just prefer the pms, because they are more direct and personal, so, if anyone wants to pm me, I 'd like that!

What is pms, I have never used it.

It’s private messages. You hit on one member’s avatar and press the button that says “Private message”.

So little I knew, I rather post so that everybody can read.

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Its dead around here, has been for a while now :sleeping:

Yeah… It’s still a good site though. We just need more substance to the discussion. Difficult to do without pissing someone off.


Is that a reference to (Welcome Back) Kotter?

It sure is, this is true

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No. Just a tid bit of information.

I’ve been doing so well I haven’t felt the need to post here much since the new year. My meds are great and I have great structure in my days which has helped.

There are still many around mj…Any particular one you are missing? Tag them and I am sure they’d update you about their current status…Maybe, it’s a busy time out there so they are taking some time off to relax…

Be around and feel free to post what you’d like to share…Have a great day!

I’m working a lot. And have trouble with my sleep. Again. When I have insomnia my brain stop working and I don’t write so much.