Where does the mind go afterlife?

It’s a subject I’ve been contemplating again. As I’ve been working toward health physically, eating healthier and getting more exercise, practicing a bit more mindfulness again. I found that quitting weed actually helped me with this. It’s an attachment I don’t need right now, but I did have many adventures with friends during our relationships. If the spirit can influence reality after life, then where is it and is it untouchable by humans on earth?

There are a few techniques: surrounding yourself with violet white light is a grounding technique, looking up at the clouds is a good breathing exercise, and honoring the sunshine and earth. Sometimes, it can be loud and polluted outside, so internal representations of a desired world is a dark ages method of practicing mysticism. Yes I am a Christian mystic, I practice healing and protection for the earth, the energy fields are thrown off balance when I enter unfamiliar places. So Im working on finding my element and knowing how to find it everywhere.

No one in my family is as spiritual as me.

So if the mind can influence reality after life-where did they go? Are these just ghosts or apparitions of what was before, but I mean I’ve received direct messages–text messages and witnessed objects thrown across the room from them when they get frustrated. So I used to think that reality itself followed laws, that time travel wasnt possible. Then I woke up to it–well I had to because I survived death.

So when the realization that the soul can be immortal is perceived directly, it’s a complex and life changing experience,the memories are gone though…I can’t recall all the lives I lived before, which leads me to accept that all matter converges and transforms. The mind is a box, we’re outside the box and we created the box and filled it with stuff. The box is comfortable. Seeing protection outside the prison walls is how you awaken to the truth of the nature of life existence…if you can color on theglass walls of the illusion you can communicate with the otherside of the wall.

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Nobody knows what happens after you die.

Some people can ‘astral project’, i.e. their ‘soul’ for want of a better word leaves their body and they can travel around ‘out of body’ for a period of time.

But here’s the kicker, most people who astral project, if you visit the forums etc, will admit they truly don’t know if it’s a big illusion created by a brain that’s alive.

If you don’t believe in the after life, astral projection doesn’t really fully convince you that it exists.

If you do actually believe in the after life, then astral projection might add more evidence to your beliefs.

In other words, the best thing at least I’ve heard of for answering that question, doesn’t answer that question!

The exception is NDE (near death experiences) which do leave the person with the impression there is an afterlife for some reason.

So like I said, nobody knows.

Here’s a song by depeche mode, the lyrics which include ‘everybody’s waiting for judgement day to say I told you so’


I somtimes see mine in and out of a sleep state.

Still in a dilima about what is spiritual truth.

Still seeing how close I can come to God if he is real.

Less schizophrenic symptoms I imagine also.

I’ve been visiting a lot of near death experiences on the internet. Most of the people who have the experience say it is blissful. Some people experience a few bad things, but then their experiences turn blissful too. Lately there has been an explosion of hellish near death experiences on the internet. I’m pretty sure it’s the Christian fundamentalists being disingenuous. It won’t do for them for us not to be in fear of hell.


I think the mind/brain goes to new jersey or Massachusetts. They take a real thin layer off of it at a time. I think its so they can find any abnormalities that might have caused whatever diseases we had when we were alive.

I have been thinking a lot about what happens to us after we die.
I have been getting images in my head about me turning into a ghost- spirit and communication to other spirits after I die.
I kind of believe in other planes/dimensions here on earth - the unseen.

I might have picked up on the unseen world when I was experiencing psychosis - its strange but was very real to me

To begin with I think the mind came into being by man’s thinking (by brain) of those things apart from himself (the mind) that actually make man what he is , and that is his being alive by breathing the air and absorbing the energy of the Sun that is transformed into fruit and all other kinds of food items. Like a doughnut that is just one doughnut that is made of many different ingredients basically having been formed and manufactured by sunlight and water and any other single thing , so think of yourself as a doughnut that realizes that it is made of many different things, so our minds are born of this observation of what self is made up of, so mind is that connection apart from the brain that realizes this . When we evolve to the point where we realize that we are in fact connected to everything in the universe we will be able to travel and explore with our minds and will not need to keep alive the body to put on a space craft. .

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I think all of us know each other really well. I think we’ve been recycling through the world(s) for so long that we have all known each other for billions of years and maybe longer. Our souls have gotten to know each others’ souls over so many reincarnations. We get to know each other through dreams as well and in the time between incarnations.

We aren’t aware that we know each other on Earth because we were purposefully blinded to each other to make life more interesting. After we die we meet up with everybody else who’s dead and hang out until we decide to be born again. That state of being is more dreamlike. That’s close to what I believe now. We could also just be fragments of one thing.


I love everyone’s responses… Recently when I was in Virgnia I made a wish on a single star, that life would survive eternally. Then I began having an imaginative mental vision of the guardians deciding to leave the gates open for good souls to cross. I also had this weird notion that life itself rises to a dimension in the universe that isn’t touchable by mortal hands, but that the heaven we know of is actually a distant planet or moon on the otherside of the universe. :slight_smile: Kind of otherworldy but I like this idea, and I hope to meet my soul friends there one day!