Where do you go to make new friends?

I am not necessarily talking about how to make new friends, but more so where to go in order to meet new people.

I am planning to go to community college to make new friends there. Hopefully, I will meet people smart people with good character. I also hope to obtain more marketable skills while I am in community college.

Can anybody else recommend a place where they can meet new people besides community college?

Google free classes and social groups in your area. Also libraries have free classes sometimes. Churches are great places to meet people too.


Hey zengarden. Thank you for the ideas. I knew someone would know something here.

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Yoga classes at a yoga studio…there are usually nice people there.

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No problem. To meet new people I go to the church for dinner once a week and they have a women’s group there. We do crafts and chat. There is a schizophrenia place I go to that has an art group every week too and a social group every month. They also run a support group. They pay me to do some jobs there too. I’m taking a clay class with my son this summer too. We just went camping with the church this month. Tai chi is fun too, I’d like to take that again.

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sierralupina and zengarden. Hey thanks for the ideas. I never thought about meeting people in a yoga or tai chi class.

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i use phone application here in malaysia to meet new friends,i use Wechat and got recommended quite a number of girls from my colleague who is very good at finding friends

volunteer work
exercise classes
walking groups
day trips on a coach
part time job