Where do you draw the line?

…between being awkward and paranoia? Every time i go out on my own I’m worried about people thinking I’m looking at them weird, I try get things I got to do done, but it’s a constant worry on my mind. I know nobody cares where I look at and what I do, but it feels odd.

I’m afraid my doctor will think this is some psychotic symptom if I tell them, as my plan was to one day be off meds. To be fair, I also been forgetful and dumb to the point people point it out to me, so maybe there is something going on, like some mild depressive episode. Nevertheless, it worries me, because in the past it was.a huge problem.

Any opinion on the matter, or anyone that’d like to talk really would probably make me feel better.


Your doctor needs to know. For the most part they don’t care to judge - they are used to it. They’re interested in helping you because that’s what they signed up for. “Can I solve this problem?”

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Have you ever tried cbt therapy for anxiety? I found it really helpful for me. Before therapy i would barely leave the house because of my anxiety about socialising.

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It’s just harder to convince people you’re sane if you bring this sort of thing up, even if it’s probably a normal thing everyone goes through. But you’re right, honesty is the way to go.

I’ve actually been considering trying out therapy, maybe I’ll give it a go, thank you.

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