Where do thoughts come from...?

can you renew every thought?

I think thoughts can come from any part of the body. I have recently noticed thoughts coming from my feet. And one part of the body can think to another communicating help while the other part is deplete.

Prefrontal cortex. …

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I thought of what humans would be without language, understanding most of the time our thought process is in words. Then I thought if I can create my own language, which does not build barriers, but instead builds bridges

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New York, New York, USA

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The past? The future?

i think thoughts come from our brain where we connect thoughts and images and memories to create a visual thought that we can see in our minds eye and then there is our vocabulary where we pick letters to form words which we pick to make sentences as well as responding to and making sense of someone elses.

they come from your mind

Very interesting -

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From brains maybe lol?