Where do the voices come from?

I’ve been putting up with them for a month now.its distracting. My voices argue with each other. I hope you get rid of of not some solace.

Occultists, or, as Muhammad called them, polytheists.

I like myself too much to have this abusive crap originating from my noggin.

I googled your question and I stumbled upon this site What Causes Hearing Voices?

Short answer found in there: “In recent studies, researchers have analyzed the occurrence of auditory hallucinations in the human brain. The basic form of hearing is processed in the temporal lobe in the brain. This part of the brain is found inside the ears. The research concluded that a particular region of the left temporal lobe is more active in auditory hallucination compared to non-hallucinating people.”

Yet some schizophrenics are totally at their mental end, their mind is so exhausted that they can’t even think the simplest thoughts.

Yet the voices go on as strong as ever.

When taking the drugs, this simply turns the voices quieter and quieter.

What does that mean ?

It breaks the contact.

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