Where Did (?)

So Tha First Question Thus Evening Is Thus … ,

Where Did Thee Essence Of Laughter Come From (???) ,

Tha Brightly Lit Spark Of Hope / Love / & / Peace . ,

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I would have to guess… the harmless inconsistencies contained with in the universe… that can be translated into joy.

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Hmm ,

OR ,

Tha Error Within Normalcy Within A Thread Of Understanding ,

How Would You Decipher That (?)

Anyone Whanna Decipher Thus One (???) ,

When I was reading this… I just kept coming back to the earth green laughter…

Simple joy that comes from organic situations that could never be constructed…

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I REALLY Lyke Thus ,

Tis True ,

Altho I Disagree With “simple joy” ,

Because I Sometymes Laugh Lyke A Manical Freak ,

Alone Always ,

But When It Occurs It’s Been On A Thread Within A TYme Period Of Months ,

All Tha Rest Is Simplicity … .

I think I learned simply joy from my 6 year old niece and my 9 year old nephew…

I’ve been lucky enough to kid sit here and there… they find a lot of joy in things like bugs… frogs by the stream… kites on the wind… otters on the beach…

Things like that… they get really excited about…

That sort of joy I think gives laughter to the universe…

hollow laughter… the TV show sort… that enjoys other peoples pain… I don’t think reaches very far…

But if a person is filled with joy from something simple… I think the universe pays attention.


I Dunno WhAT Thus Means Yo ,

Esplain Pleeze (!)

Have you ever felt tears well up do to the joy of watching something in nature…

Like crows play with an empty clam shell… or a tiny fish trying to swim up a tiny stream… or watching an otter slowly take over someone’s picnic?

That’s how I feel the earths laughter is.

Or my favorite… and avalanche of raccoons…

Nope ,

Bud e(Y)e Have Fell In L.O.V.E. Once ,

OK ,

Maybe Twice ,

OK ,

Maybe Three T(Y)me$ ,

Bud Tha Last Love Was My Final ,

I Love No More ,

So I Guess You Can Say ,

I’m STILL Waiting For Natures Punchline To A Silly Joke Such As That One ,

If You Know What e(Y)e Mean Yo (!!!)

Sorry to hear that…

I would have a much darker life without love…

S’all Gud In Tha Hood Yo (!)

Some people are just light-hearted natured and others may be envious natured is a guess LOLOLOLOL.

Being funny is all about good timing, turn of nomenclature, and a varying degree of trusting your instincts to make use of your natural ability.