Where did my little yellow kitten GO

oh where oh where did my little kitten gomaybe a schizophrenic and no one would knowbut he hides under the couch tell a ball rolls bythen he jumps out and grabs it and runs and hideshe never comes out of the food dish is fullhe never greets company with doorbell ringswhat should i do you misses out on so many things

It time travelled to 1997… then it had 2 yellow kittens in 1998. I wrote a song about them in 1999 called two yellow cats
“There are 2 yellow cats sleeping on my bed,
this aint no dream that is going through my head…”
Then in 2000 I drove them across the country to Washington where they got left behind when I moved.
they mated with local cats and had yellow kittens. My pastor got one of the kittens and had it when I visited in 2005.
This may explain where your yellow kitten went and where it came from.


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