Where did Halloween come from...?

In America there is no mention of Halloween until the early 19th century following mass trans Atlantic emigration by over 2 million Irish escaping the Great Famine from 1845-1849. With them, the Irish brought Halloween and other age old customs. By the early 20th century, America began to commercialise Halloween with postcards, figurines and later masks and costumes, transforming the festival into one of the most profitable times of year for retailers. Indeed America has had such an impact on Halloween that many people believe it is an American invention, rather than an ancient Irish Tradition.


When I was in America in the 1990s I never questioned from where Halloween came, I thought it was just one of those American celebrations like Thanksgiving, many good things have been brought by immigrants to different continents.

It originally comes from a Celtic/pagan tradition called Hallow’s Eve. The ancient Pagans of northern Europe celebrated the holiday by dressing up in costumes to scare off ghosts that lingered around the crops, and that wouldn’t ascend to the afterlife.


This is all true.

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I believe it was when a fat man jumped down the chimney. Landed on a pumpkin . Drank a glass of milk . Stole cookies from the cupboard and then a ground hog saw his shadow?!?!?!



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i never took off my halloween mask from last year :sob:

It came from my family’s closet. Best leave the door closed.


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