Where could I go to spend all day

My brother has been using my car more and more often, for more and more frivolous reasons. Just today he told me he was picking some guy up to go to guitar center (How about paying me back for that gym membership you’ve been enjoying so much?).

I think I’m at the end of my rope with him. But telling him he can’t use the car won’t work, because he will throw a violent tantrum and I’m concerned he might scare the cat.

So I’m thinking I’ll just take the car everyday and go places. But don’t have much of an idea where I will go. I suppose this might help get me more integrated into the outside world as I’ve been very much a hermit for a long time. And also fulfill the purpose of letting him know that it’s my car, and he can’t just take it on joyrides with his idiot friends.

So any ideas where I should go?

The library or the park are good options. But an even better option is having a serious, nonjudgmental conversation with your brother where you explain he needs to start pulling his own weight.


He’s a master manipulator. I’m outclassed in a conversation with him. I just can’t deal with his cheap emotional tactics. And sometimes even I get revved up and lose my temper, which ends up backfiring.

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Does he borrow your car key, or does he have his own ?

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He doesn’t have a copy, there’s just one. So at least I have that.

My mom is that way. The only way I could get her to stop was to just move far away.

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The library and park is great


Do you live by the ocean? If you do you could drive down there, go to the local docks message board and see if anyone needs a deckhand in exchange for sailing lessons. Maybe thats a stupid idea, not sure.

But like others are saying, parks and libraries are great for killing some time.

Sorry to hear about the problem with the boundaries though. Sounds like a tricky situation.


How about to the zoo, or to a church, synagogue or temple?

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I agree. Library, park , zoo. If I had to pick I would vote for the zoo. It’s a really good atmosphere. I don’t think people go looking for trouble at the zoo. Everybody there just wants to watch the monkeys throw feces at each other or freak out watching the worlds biggest rodent and comparing him to a rat all day.


** the outside world! Go to the graveyard. :slight_smile:


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