Where can I go to read really outlandish theories about sz? Can we not say but post links?

I’m hoping this doesn’t get closed. Sometimes people post about places on the net that have very out there discussions about sz. Like vampires and stuff.

I want to read them. Why? I think it helps. My own theories become so real to me that reading other strange ideas would help me realize that we all have unusual fears. It’s normal. But they are only just fears.

Are we allowed to post links in this forum to other forums? I know they are against typing triggering concepts directly in our posts.

Makes it hard for the other punters…I know it means stuff to you but these days simply put…medications early leads to better outcomes!

I’m not dissing you or anything. It’s like yelling fire in a cinema for some people…

That isn’t responsible.

Schizophrenia is a disorder about brain distortions…it’s not about any reality for anyone else…

Don’t waste your time chasing dragons…ahh that is another problem for other punters?


Punters? What is that?

Psychiatrists have access to many schizophrenic cases which are all confidential. Past medical history, hospitalisations, medications and other types of information are contained in these case files. I would say reading upon so many schizophrenic case studies would give a psychiatrist insight on how his/her patients behave. Some of these schizophrenic cases have intriguing stories.

A punter is a participant. It’s a colloquial term for a gambler which in the Australian vernacular is used as someone who is a part of something…

Punter…member of forum!

@Sunlion Posting a link to potentially triggering content is just as bad as typing the content on this forum.

Alright. I guess close the topic then.