Where can I find my hill to die on?

For those of you who work, and deal with all the difficulty that brings. How do you find your power line?

Whenever I’ve been working, a mix of things end up overcoming me one way or another, at some point during my employment. I wanna find my hill to die on, where I’m comfortable sticking to despite all the imagined and real aggression from other coworkers, between paranoia and suspicion of others, and (quite frankly) wistfully missing the unlimited leisure time I enjoy right now despite my difficulties.

I just wanna find my hill where I’d be willing to die on,and stop quitting every time before I even get ahead.

Entry level jobs are full of immature jerk-hats, which exacerbates my difficulties.

I hate feeling like a socially retarded dufus. I don’t want to end up in a place where I’m in adult daycare. It’s not that I mind being there, it’s just that the low functioning people make me feel like I don’t belong, because I’m well-spoken and appear smart. I don’t want to deal with their dirty looks anymore than I do with my coworkers and bosses.


I take satisfaction in doing my job well. It’s acknowledged now that I am DAMN GOOD at it. I get to train the new hires to commercial lines in the three branches my boss manages, and she admits that she wishes everyone else worked to my standards. Yeah, the young’uns annoy me, but they’ll grow up eventually. I’ll just close my door and quietly kick ass on my share of the files.


I hate modern pop dancing. I don’t think it looks attractive. And don’t make me out to be a racist either. I don’t like this style of dancing even when white folks try to do it.

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