Where can i find a girlfriend

Where can i find a GF if im mentally ILL? what are the best places to goto


Don’t try Craigslist. If I knew I’d tell you. I only know the places you CANT.


sometimes im fine though. i just wish i could hide it for longer

You could try



Maybe at a girlfriend sale?
Careful not to squeeze to hard before you get her home.


I thought I was your BF?
Seriously, you can try looking for a BF instead of GF.

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When I was dating online I felt I was most picky about having someone whose personality fit somewhat well with mine. Like if they were too busy or relaxed for me or couldn’t share the same hobbies, they were out. I was told by some I dated that they pick up a lot of weirdos… For some reason nobody cared when I said I was mentally ill. They mostly just cared what photos I put up/how I looked. This makes me think it might be the same way around for guys… I think you can find somebody with time since there must be a guy for every girl…

@anon62973308 such guys that think about appearance are disgusting…

Maybe at a volunteer organization, it seems that there may be nice people to meet there.


I am unsure on where to find gf or bfs. if I knew I would give my brother advice on where to get a girlfriend.

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Mental health clubhouses?

I found my girlfriend on plenty of fish…if you post a pic of yourself you will get replies. at least I did but hey I’ma “one wild and crazzzzzy guy !” (steve martin impression)


Hahah that was funny man

I was serious!!!

The best place to find a QUALITY girlfriend is in church.

just go make yourself a regular at a coffee shop… don’t be too hungry with you eyes and just be nice to the barista ladies…

they ain’t girl friends but if they’re happy with you and not put off they can be fun to talk too and it might build your confidence in being more forward and comfortable with women in general…

otherwise sitting in a public coffee spot sipping down one of your favorite flavors is a pleasant experience in itself…

one of them made this for me: