Where can buy Sarcosine

I am running out of Sarcosine from Brainvitaminz, any legit sources can buy? the Profrontal one is quite expensive in its shipping.

I buy mine from Amazon

I think it works better than profrontal.

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Have you tried DMG aka Dimethylglycine? Its widely available and costs much less when compared with sarcosine.

I not tried sarcosine but tried DMG. It gives these like effects.

Increases wakefulness. Reduces anxiety. Increases energy. Reduces drowsiness even after less sleep.

Is these kind of effects come from sarcosine or any thing new?

No. Sarcosine helps with executive function amd organization, in addition to wakefulness.

Do you able to get better working memory score when play with working memory games like dual n back, lumosity games etc? when take sarcosine.

Here is web based dual n back game, see if you can get better score after taking sarcosine.


I have been part of a few studies that used those brain training games and I did well.

Never tried sarcosine sounds helpful though

Great, which cognitive domain find most useful when taking sarcosine?

Is it working memory, attention, multi tasking, processing speed etc.

Executive function and attention span.

I find working memory most affected, for example distractions disrupts the main activity. Unable to hold things in mind while doing other. Due to this very low score in dual n back like games. Very slow processing speed due to distractability and impulsivity.

I never try DMG, sarcosine actually works not very obvious for me, I am sometimes extremely muted and lack of confidence because of the negative symptoms. I am using B12 which makes me not feel so tired every day.

want to try but they don’t ship to Hong Kong

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