Where are you ahead and behind of others in this forum?

For me, I think I’m ahead in writing skills and behind in the getting-outside department.

This isn’t a contest. i’m curious about what you think you’re doing well with and where you’re behind others.

I used to focus a lot on how I am compared to others. I got obsessed with it to an unhealthy degree, and I would feel like absolute crap for not being as good as someone else in a certain field. Now, I try not to compare myself to anyone else at all.

Not comparing, but in general, I think I am good at thinking rationally and handling social situations. My diet and exercise routine could use some work. I am starting to learn to stick up for myself, but I still have a long way to go with that.


I’m mostly interested in comparing because I’d like to know the spectrum of certain aspects of our health. I also think it’s healthy to compare when it motivates you to get better.

If I didn’t compare my social skills to others, I would never have gotten the workbook I’m working on, which means I probably wouldn’t have improved.

You do have good social skills. As for standing up for yourself, give me some examples. Do you mean on here?

I think I’m good at thinking abstractly and making connections. I think I’m behind everywhere else and that I’m utterly insane, but that I can stay in reality and act normal pretty well.

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Well I feel like going to a hospital, so I’m way behind.

I mean first to my very controlling family who wanted to cover up my sz like it was a dirty family secret. I talk openly about it and educate them, instead of keeping my mouth shut. And now, standing up to my boss, saying I won’t work for her anymore because she has been so hostile towards me. And standing up to the jerks from college who called me a sl*t. I also speak up now when people use the word retard, but that is more sticking up for other people than myself.

And hey, if that motivates you, that’s great. It just doesn’t work as motivation for me. It does the opposite. I get parylized with disgust at myself and become even less productive.

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I’m focused on what I want and have purpose. I have tools like books. I also get plenty of walking and mindfulness.
Also experience is in my favor as far as going through the grind.

I like the simplicity of your speech, astefano.

I also feel like I’m behind just about everywhere. But I rely on other’s feedback to show me that I’m probably not.

Im going to be the first of us to lay an egg


If this is a competition, my voices tell me

Just trolling you guys.

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My family sounds similar. They are flat out embarrassed in my case. I’ve tried talking openly about it but that only gives them the impression that I’m being self-centered. “Here David goes talking about his illness again” is what they’re thinking.

You did it! :+1:

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Some of my family probably think that. I try to make no more than one offhand comment or two per conversation. But I think the more I show that I’m not ashamed of it, the less they’ll feel ashamed of me.

And yeah, I did it! I gave two weeks notice!

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I have been playing this all night. It speaks to my soul.

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Haha! I love that show. There’s a new one about the PC movement that’s pretty funny.

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I don’t think of it as ahead or behind…

It’s a journey… and everyone is on a different path…

Everyone gets through their day the best they can…

I get through my day the best I can… .

As long as we’re all here to see another sunrise, it’s all going to be Ok.


I’m pretty good at drinking chocolate milk :blush:


Not keeping score or racing others. Just trying to make today better than yesterday.



That’s exactly what I’m talking about…

Well siad you guys, with age comes wisdom. @MrSquirrel, @SurprisedJ

Am I right, or am I right?