Where are DarkSith? Notmoses?

Where are these two members of our group?


No idea. But if they are confrontational they might be on bans.

I’ve been banned here a lot. You get done for a month or so. Often because the moderators don’t know shite haha.

Seriously. Prolly absent for a bit!


There was a bit of a turmoil here a while back, I don’t know why notmoses left but I know darksith was pushed off. Sad really.

Both last seen mid February. I wasn’t here during the critical period, so I still am not sure what had happened. A number of member accounts’ were deleted.


I’ve been campaigning for years and often poor choices are made in moderation that don’t help the community. I know it’s not easy. But it’s also worthy of more attention. Sadly schizophrenics are poorly represented when it comes to site politic.

A friend in the struggle,


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How? :frowning: He was so gentle and nice.


I’m not sure of the details.

Actually, the issues that turned up a month or so ago were exactly because there were a lot of non sz here, including notmoses.

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i must have missed it :confused: i thought they just come and go from time to time, dark sith and notmoses both have sz from what i am aware not sure about sarad though

I haven’t seen @notmoses since he got accused of trying to make money off of us, so that may be his deal. Dunno what happened to @darksith.

The poster named Malvoc ‘outed’ notmoses by posting his picture. He had no right to do that. Then he belittled me, @Rhubot, @darksith, @Sarad, and @cj9556…for being on this site. He believed we weren’t ‘schizophrenic enough’ for this site and that we were ruining this forum with our social chatting.

darksith, Sarad and notmoses left voluntarily. Rhubot, cj9556 and I have stayed.

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Malvok also called me a faggot and said a lot of other rude stuff before his account got deleted. Good riddance. I’m glad you, Rhubot and cj are still around.


I’m sorry he slurred you. The guy had ‘trouble’ written all over him.

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Malvok wrote this before he left-

@darksith, @sarad, @notmoses. Three down, three to go. This place is starting to shape up.”
@Patrick, @Rhubot, @cj9556

Ugh, can we not rehash this? It was ugly and it’s now over. Peace reigns once again. Love and kittens for everyone!


I like Malvok all the time…I have seen his photo, he looks like a real person to me.

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Let’s just drop this subject… There’s no point now.

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This thread has now been locked.


notmoses was caught pushing stuff claiming it was backed by studies when that was not the case. He was also caught pushing a bizarre program he made up himself as an actual therapy (it’s AA’s 12 steps with the religion removed). Finally, he would NOT stop going into the Family forum and harassing family and caregivers despite having been asked to desist from doing so on numerous occasions. He is NOT welcome back here under any circumstances. The strange co-dependent relationship he had with a particular user on this site was part of the problem, but not the largest part by any means.

No need to re-hash the rest at this time.

(Wearing moderator potato)