When's your birthday?

December 8, share a birthday with tom waits and jim morrison.

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August 3! Roar goes the Leo!

I’ll turn 53 on March 11th. “What a long, strange, trip it’s been”. Any Dead Heads out there?

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Ride on Casey Jones…

my birthday is may 17th…

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :birthday:

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My birthday is 9 July. …Cancer…I’ll be 47

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I’m 29 on the 13th of March

Toward the end of strawberry season in the mid-south -

Im a virgo.

Born in that special part of the year when everything is dying and people dread the rapidly approaching freeze.

I was also born on the day that john the baptist had his head removed, that just doesn’t sit well with me.

24th feb. i’ll b 40 this year. am looking forward to a special gift from my parents. money into my savings and two book cases. i’ll b a happy bunni that day!


More importantly the answer should be what season are you born?

I was born on the 16th of July which is winter in Australia!

An old theory was that schizophrenia was caused by an inutero event brought about by something like a virus…something more likely in the winter months!

Perhaps you can all add to the discussion what season you were born…now that would be interesting! A prevalence of winter births would certainly be interesting!

A friend in the struggle,


My birthday is June 14th. Ill be 21!

My understanding is that Aquarius is an Air Sign. The water in the sign is controlled by a human figure, which represents the mind deciding when and where and to what extent the emotions will be released.

I’ve been out to eat with Aquarians and gotten them riled up, but they didn’t explode in public; they waited until we were back alone either in the car or at her place.


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I don’t know much about astrology and always thought it was another water sign. But Air sign eh?

Cool… I need air to live to. I can get behind that… :cloud:

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Sept 3, I suppose I am not the only virgo here, my birthday is the same as was the birthday of the longest lasting President of Finland, also Nokia Phones was sold to Microsoft on my birthday last year …I’ll be 47 in this year.

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15 March. I will have a job interview on the day before. This is a tough week for me

November 3rd which makes me a Scorpio.

June 11th. Gemini here, also means my parents got busy when it was cold outside. I’m the product of cuddling for warmth gone too far. LOL

My birthday October 25th, I’ll be 27 this year.