When's your birthday?

Just an odd question… When is your birthday?

I’m February 3rd… The joke is, I should have been born February 2nd, (groundhog day) but I peaked out and saw my shadow. I have my Mom’s dry humor… Can you tell?

I must have made the coffee too strong… I’m getting silly again.


Lol, that’s a good joke!

My birthday is January 8th. Just a few days away. I’ll be 31, so it’s not such a milestone bday.

But I consider every year that I’m alive to be a special event!



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Four days away. Very cool. I agree, after what we’ve been through… Every birthday is a milestone event.

Do you have plans?

I have a few plans. My best friend is taking me out to lunch on my bday. And bringing my dog over so I can spend some time with him. We’re also going to watch a movie–a black and white German thriller movie that I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

Then on the weekend, my other good friend is going to cook lunch for me at his house. I LOVE home cooked food! Since I can’t really cook that well myself.

It should be a fun time. I’m happy just spending time with my friends. That’s the best gift ever.



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January15. I’ll be 57…

5 May, I will be 29.

April 20th along with a fraternal twin. I was born 2 months premature, and my Dad had the flu on Christmas of the previous year. My brother must not have been affected because he is normal.

I like Aquarians. That being said, I study astrology so that I may get along with everyone!

:libra: Jay


i’m Taurus thats all i’m saying lol

:taurus: :cake: :yum:

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It a bit funny to me that I really need the water and I’m a water sign… Aquarius :aquarius:

My sis is all about water and she’s a Cancer. :cancer:

I was born on May 29th. I’m a Gemini.

my birthday is January 23, I’ll be 31

25th of April …

Earth Day 22 April I will be 60.

My birthday is February 15.

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january 30th ,
i am a futuristic spaceman, bye bye earth , hello utopia, population one !
take care

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In the merry month of May.

9/11. But it was in the year the atomic bomb was first dropped.

Friday april the 13th. I was born on an unlucky day and I have a delusion that God made me hear voices because of my unlucky dob.

Turning 42 this April 4. Every bit of a stubborn Aries.lol