When you're in this situation

When it seems like a girl is smiling at you as you drive by in your car it’s nice. When other girls are looking at you and smiling it is nice. But I am certainly not going to start thinking that all these women are in love with me, or have any other kind of regard. In my case, it turned out to be true that they were looking at me and smiling, but they were doing it because they wanted to turn me gay. God, that makes me mad. I refuse to be anything but the straight, heterosexual male that I am.

no, no, no…the girls didn’t have motive for smiling at you…you are just a nice guy…nobody wants to force you gay man…


I am smiling at you and if you think that makes you gay I’m sorry my ass holes of Virgin and it’s going to stay that way most girls I know smile hoping you’ll smile back as a friendly gesture make them feel safe the only ones that are going to try to come on to you we’re going to try to do something like talk to you suggested Lee or make other gestures like giving you boob shots or leg shots they’re not going to just smile at you that sounded dumb anyway best of luck to you your friend Zen

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Thats crazy why would they want you to be gay if they were just smiling? Maybe most of them wanted to be friends and 1 of them wanted to be your girl ?

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