When you're classed as obese

I am wondering when you’re obese, does your body feel uncomfortable much of the time?

My current BMI is 38.1

Since I first started taking APs when I was younger, I went from 59 kgs to 95kgs.

When I got off Olanzapine, Managed to spend a time at 68 kgs

Now I am 115 kgs, and to be honest it doesn’t feel great to me

However, I want to resolve this issue

So I need to know from others who have become obese, do you feel the same? (Like having aches, stomach pain, heartburn, back pain and poor motivation?)

Think I am getting the point across.

Might be making U-turn from not caring anymore, to actually wanting to do something about my weight

Not sure it’s even possible on the drugs I take


My weight has fluctuated over the years.

Pre-sz I weighed 63 kg
At my most I weighed 107 kg.
Then through shakes and walking I got it down to 78 kg last year.
Now (thanks to my pastries :grinning:) I’m at 89 kg
I’m okay with my weight but try to exercise to keep healthy.

That’s my journey.


I’m 120kg.
The most i have been is 125.
I’m on diet.

Many years ago, i was 63


80 kg my lightest. 112 kg and a I was determined to ge in shape again. 108 kg now, 2 month later. Slow but steady.

Yeah, but you need to eat less. A simple way to do it is just eat same amount of food, but clean.


I think you’re starting to care again @Joker .

That’s the first and most important step to get to a healthy weight.


I’m classed as oboe


Ifeel better the more exercise and strength I build, no matter what my weight

When I was going to the gym regularly I built up my strength and endurance. I didn’t have nearly any aches and pains from my chronic illnesses. I didn’t lose a lot of weight because as I lost fat I built muscle. I stayed at around 219 pounds. But was trimmer looking, too.

Now I am all flab and hurt constantly. IfI can afford it, I will get a gym membership for my family and get back to it.


Good luck with going back to the gym join the exercise thread set goals!

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Thanks! I might do that, but thanls to my sza, my memory is really spotty for routines. I’d forget to update lol.


Hope you can do it dude. Obesity really hurts your longevity. One way or another I think we should always care and chip away at it. I hate the feeling of not being able to run, makes me feel trapped.

I was obese for a long time, I’m still close as I’m at the top end of being considered overweight.

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I am 204 lbs. I need to get to 164 lbs to be “normal” weight. I feel comfortable with my weight except it would be nice to have a flat stomach.

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