When you were little did you want a cup of coffee?

I did and it wasn’t allowed. I didn’t realize the force of being born with a caffeine addiction. Screwed me up good.

Did your mom drink coffee while pregnant? I know I drank a cup a day

I think so, and tea. We kids had to be satisfied with occasional chocolate. No wonder I hit the candy when I was a teen.

Yea I think my mom said she loved coffee when she was pregnant with me. I think I was addicted in the womb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve heard of this but not nearly enough. The talk about addiction from the womb was always centered around drugs. Some people are too innocent. Caffeine addiction can be a real bear.

Not so much as a kid, but i did drink coffee as a teenager.

Addiction is a bear. I’m addicted to even water :frowning:

Well, that’s different. Water is a need.!

Yea but I drank so much before I had to go to hospital

No, never had coffee and had no desire to have it as a kid


Was your Mom caffeine free?

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I had tea until I reached 15. Then I was allowed to have coffee

My grandma offered it to me.

Was maybe 9 or so.

I swear it tasted better then than it does now.

Haha I remember fondly when I was in grade 1 my dad made me Coffee Milk (lots of milk a little bit of brewed coffee) and I loved it. He made me this special drink to stay awake so I could spend sometime with my mom when she got off from work at night.

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No they drank perked coffee back in those days, I never did like the taste all that bad

That’s amazing, @Mountainman And it disproves the born caffeine addicted theory. Unless you craved chocolates.

No was not big on sweets, never have been


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