When you were diagnosed

How was the news broken to you?

a psychiatrist after evaluating me casually dropped it, i was there for an autism eval, and i got the aspergers diagnosis as i expected, but then he casually was like “oh and schizophrenia, yes” then elaborated some on why it wasnt a death sentence and why my mother shouldnt panic (this happened when i was 17)


I was prodromal in 2014 and diagnosed with depression, for schizoaffective bipolar type I was diagnosed summer 2015 a few days after my break with reality . The news wasn’t broken to me, I just woke up one day and BAM I was fully delusional in a matter of seconds, then it kept growing and growing and becoming more and more violent and frightening. After about two and a half days of pure agony my mother saw reason to put me in the hospital. Two years and a month later here I am.

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I asked my psychiatrist at the hospital what my diagnosis was and that was it.

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  1. During a psychotic period. Asked the doc…“What is it? Schizophrenia”…too which he replied yes!
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1984? 1985? My psychiatrist at the time told my Mother that I suffered with Paranoid Schizophrenia.
I was in total denial and lacked insight.
I didnt believe him.

2009 he said I have sza. Still in denial

In 1987 I had my first hospitalization at Timberlawn Hospital in Dallas, TX. I think my pdoc casually told me I had major depression with psychotic features. Towards the end of my stay they switched my dx to sz and put me on Moban, a major tranquilizer. I hate the typical ap’s.

I went into a psych ward at age 19 and after two weeks my parents arranged for me to be put in a world famous, experimental house for schizophrenics. I was actually in denial for the first few months that anything was wrong with me. I thought I was fine. When it finally hit me that I had a serious mental illness it was a relief to know exactly why I was feeling the way I did for the year prior and why I was acting like I was.

Knowing my illness didn’t freak me out in the least. I heard my diagnosis, and I thought “hmmm” and then I went on doing exactly what I was doing. But yeah, hearing the news was almost anti-climatic, it didn’t phase me and it wasn’t some cataclysmic incident.

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It was just said flat out. By that point I had suspected something was wrong for several years, and already had a vague idea of what I’d be diagnosed with, so that wasn’t really my big shocking moment. My big shocking realizing I was ill moment was when I was 16 or 17 during my first major episode, sucked a friend into my paranoid delusions and she ended up realizing it wasn’t real and told me I should get help. Which then sent me spiraling into an oh my god what if my entire life is a lie thing, a lot of denial, followed by several years of timidly seeking more and more help/support for it as I grew more accepting of the fact that I have mental illness.

The first pdoc I saw kept saying labels weren’t important but that I was suffering from psychotic symptoms. However, at the bottom of my discharge paperwork were the diagnosis which included sz Then the next pdoc I saw came out and said it rather bluntly.