When you were actively psychotic did you feel dead inside?

Could you not feel any good feelings or feel like you care about anything?

I actually am dead so yeah I guess so

I actually feel great when I’m partially psychotic (when my injection runs out)

But the come downs are brutal.

The injection balances it out.

I have more emotions off meds but they’re often bad like fear and anger. Since I got sz I am never the same as before sz, on or off meds.

i didn’t feel dead when psychotic…

How did you feel, if I may ask?

i felt scared and confused… being hunted the whole time and everybody was in on it. Didn’t have a second rest really.

but yea it was hard to feel good feelings for sure. Everything was kinda negative… i wanted to die.

Did you feel better once you started meds?

i feel a lot better… but it took a long time to find the right meds. I was in that situation for so long… but now i’m a lot more at peace.


When I became psychotic in 2016 I was super paranoid and delusional.
I thought that certain family members were going to kill me.

I felt that my father was drugging me and my dog at the time.

I felt that the mafia was after me.

I felt like my father was torturing me every day.

I was involuntarily hospitalized twice for over a month.

God, never again!

May I ask how long it took you to get better?

It took about one year to get better fully.

When my psychosis gets bad, I dissociate and go emotionally numb.


Was 2016 the first time or only time you became psychotic?

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Did you start to feel any relief from your symptoms once you started your meds?

No but it was the worse psychotic episode I experienced.

I was hospitalized during the 90s and was psychotic for decades. @anon66864989


No, but at the time, I sure wished that I was dead.

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What did recovery look/feel like for you? Glad you are better

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All I’m going to say is that the meds worked for me.
Have faith in modern medicine @Artandfood

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